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Site: Japan Camera Hunter

I was looking for a camera and i happen to find a fantastic resource site for japan camera hunter. Check this out. JapanCameraHunter.

Music: Yuna - Terukir Di Bintang

Yuna - Terukir Di Bintang (Malaysia)

Video: Amazing! No late effects of surreal films.

This video is most interesting is that it did not join any computer post-
effects, onlythe use of cameras, projectors and Play Station Move is
realized as the science fiction version of the magical effects.

Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

i LOVE this commercial, however i have yet to see this on TV.

I'm Back!

I'm Back. Over the last few days I’ve been messing with Gimp..trying to get some new result after experimenting with Gradient & Lens Flare.I love my result.

Graphic Designer: Marius Roosendaal

Amazing poster! Check out more of Marius Roosendaal works HERE!

The Tech­nou­veau EP - Variation and Variety

Been listening to this EP a lot during this holiday, really nice stuff..The Tech­nou­veau EP is now avail­able for down­load! Head over to the Tech­nou­veau Sound­cloud page to listen/download.

Variation & Variety by technouveau

Daily Inspiration 35

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