Video: Cool Japanese motion painting

It's a one week of art works! I know this is an old video. I founded it at rinpaeshidan site and it been added to Youtube since October 04, 2006. But i do like the painting.Awasome and it's really inspire me today..i think this is a must watch video!

A motion painting project shown on the surface of a wall, this piece documents a week in the life of the Rinpa Eshidan.The Rinpa Eshidan core team is made up of Noiz-Davi, Daisuke Yamamoto, D.H.Rosen, Akari Sasai and XOLA . The group's main activities are performing in live-art events and creating videos of art in action.

p/s:You can see more Rinpa Eshidan videos on Youtube.


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ask_me said... October 13, 2008 at 11:30 PM

check this out dude...
mcm shesyuai ngn keja gila2 ko nk suka grafik jak...

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