Gimp Quick Tip: Refresh Brush

Have you ever installed a brush you just downloaded, and had to restart Gimp to see it in the list? Me too. I install many brush all the time, (while I have my Gimp open) and it’s not only annoying, but a waste of time to have to restart the entire application, just to see the new brush that you just installed. You can avoid restarting if you click "Refresh Brushes" in the Palette options of the Brushes Dialog after you install your new brush.

How do i show my Brush dialogs?

Just go to Windows> Dockable Dialogs > Brushes.



p/s: This is a very quick Gimp tips that will hopefully save you some time in the long run. I’m sure this is a priceless one if its new to you. :)

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Anonymous said... April 24, 2009 at 8:58 AM

Gahahahaha! Didn't know that there's a refresh button. Feel so stupid now...

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