web of the day! #6

I've got some great links today that i wanna share with you guys.Check them out!

Design Blog

The Dieline-www.thedieline.com

This is a great packaging design site.The Dieline was launched in January of 2007, and has quickly become the web’s leading packaging design blog. It's worth to bookmark this one!

“Product packaging not only secures and protects a product, it is the direct link between the brand and the consumer. It is what determines if a product will be a success or failure. Packaging plays a pivotal role in influencing a consumer’s perception of the brand and product.”
qouted from The Dielinesite

Dirty Mouse -www.dirtymouse.co.uk

Dirty Mouse is an inspirational design blog, updated several times a day. Dirty Mouse aims to provide designers' mice with enough visual food from the worlds of graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, interior and product design in order to get their creative juices flowing.

Grafikcache -www.grafikcache.com

The Grafikcache is the creation of Dave Smith, a 25 year old designer working for design Studio Sort based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Grafikcache is his daily collection of all things visual including design, photography, architecture, books, exhibitions, typography, illustration, animation and products. All things to help inspire.

Effektive Design -http://www.effektivedesign.co.uk/

I like this blog.It has great stuff..


The Brothers McLeod -http://brothersmcleod.co.uk/

The Brothers McLeod site create by Greg and Mylesthe.Their are brothers that have produced a unique and amazing animation by their own style. The Brothers McLeod first appeared on the animation radar when they were short-listed by BBC Talent for the New Comedy Awards in 2001.The Brothers McLeod’s presence on YouTube has been spearheaded by their short series of Spamland films which have featured on the YouTube homepage.Click HERE to go to their youtube channel.

Their most popular works of recent times are Fuggy Fuggy, the international viral success that featured on MTV during 2007, about an enthusiastic but inexperienced trainee ninja, and Dog Tired, their UK Film Council funded short film that premiered at the 49th Bfi Times London Film Festival.
qouted from their site

Fuggy Fuggy


The Red issue -www.red-issue.com

I like the navigation on this site. Creative and clever. To enter you must draw an arrows to the right. The Red issue site created by Hello Monday and showcased on the FWA.

Everything manifests itself in action and reaction – this applies to mechanisms in the universe, on our planet, between organisms, among people, and also in the global fashion industry.

Red Issue is reacting to the need for affordable fashion that expresses independence, confidence, sexuality and originality.


Test your Color IQ by X-Rite.Click HERE.

This is fun online quiz that tests your ability to differentiate subtle differences between gradations in color.

Space Collective.org-www.spacecollective.org

"Space Collective.org is a cross-media information and entertainment channel for post-ideological, non-partisan, forward thinking terrestrials."

via ultimatecss

A growing number of universities, architecture and design schools are conducting projects on this site. Several of these courses are initiated by SpaceCollective, others are originated by the schools, who may opt to open them up to the public or restrict them to participation By Invite Only. The Public Projects, whether created by SpaceCollective or its members, are open to all registered users.


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John said... October 30, 2008 at 10:40 PM

Even if you aren’t actively working in packaging design you can still respect and be inspired by some of the creative and eye pleasing solutions that are out there. I searched high and low on the web for some excellent packaging design examples in various categories. Design can convey that message in a very unique and personal way. Whether targeting a specific demographic, or an entire populace, we have the means to convey quality and individuality before the consumer even knows what the product is.

consumer generated media

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