Graphic designer:Thiago Ribeiro de Santana

Thiago Ribeiro de Santana is a graphic designer/Illustrator from Brasil.Before this I've post about him.See my previous post here.

I loved his work for CD packaging...Nice!

Check his profile at Behance.

I'm graduated on graphic design, but I love illustration
Since I was an annoying child I love to draw, paint, cut, paste and to collect magazines.
There's something the hipnotizes me everytime I enter in a bookstore.
I love Art Nouveau and Russian Constructivism and works like the ones by Delacroix, Piet Mondrian and sir Peter Blake.
There are three things I really love to see on every kind of artwork: light, colors and a vintage look. I love the look of an old sheet of paper.
Nowadays I work as a freelance illustrator and make illustrations for books, magazines and adverts.

Quoted from his profile at Behance

See Thiago Santana Myspace

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