Short love story Stop Motion Video

Nice stop motion by Carlos Lascano. His last work like animation director (The legend of the Scarecrow) won more than 18 international prizes including Best animation in L.A. short film Festival, Chicago, Leeds, and was preselected for the Oscars.

Video tentang kasih sayang..tak rugi kalo tengok stop motion video yang telah dihasilkan oleh Carlos Lascano.

Carlos is a multi-faceted artist who has successfully made incursions into painting, illustration, comics, photography, animation and special effects. He finally decided that filmmaking was his medium of choice because it represented the coming together of the different forms of expression of his artistic universe. In 1997, he completed Law School, but decided not to practice and to dedicate his career entirely to his art creation.

quoted from his bio

found this at Fubiz.

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