Create Our Own Font!

Create your own fonts, save and download them, and share them with the's a cool web application,no software to download and nothing to pay for,just what u need is to sign up– and when you're done building your font you can share it any way you like.

Korang boleh create font baru dengan mudah,save dan juga download.merupakan aplikasi web yang cool.selain itu,korang mempunyai lesen terhadap font yang telah korang wat..!besh tu...


here is some of the FAQ i got from the site

An Overview of Licensing

When you, as a designer, share your FontStructions you can choose from a number of different Creative Commons licenses.

These licenses are displayed on the web page of each FontStruction, they are embedded in the digital font files, and they are included as a text file as part of each download.

To learn more about what Creative Commons is, and what it offers you, please visit the Creative Commons website.

Some things to note:

The ‘No Derivatives ’ licenses prohibit cloning of your FontStructions.

The ‘Share Alike’ licenses make it impossible for designers who clone or otherwise modify your FontStructions to change the license type.

Hope u enjoy this one!

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