Color Analytics:Looking For Beautiful Color?

i have found an interesting website called In The is about study of color analytics!cool ones!check it out!In The Mod

Looking for beautiful colors? Dr. Woohoo gives you three new color tools to create instant palettes: Search Flickr. Capture images with your WebCam. Or drag-n-drop images from your computer. Just click a magic button, and the colors are saved to Illustrator, Photoshop or as an XML file for Processing.

He’s been called a freaky genius, and yes, it can be hard to follow the color analytic and visualization concepts when Dr. Woohoo is describing the next version of In The Mod (ITM). But it’s his artist spirit that drives him to sculpt the long streams of code that convert abstract thoughts into practical color applications, tools that liberate artists to realize their vision.

ITM (In The Mod) allows digital artists and designers to create instant color palettes of one-to-thousands of colors from a variety of sources — Flickr, your WebCam, images on your computer, or choose from a collection of (in)famous paintings — to use in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CS3 or Processing.

more about the dr.whoohoo

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