There is a interesting competition for designer out there!maybe u are the one they looking for..

check it out!

The Young Illustrators Award is initiated by the Art Festival Illustrative and the Swatch company. The aim of the competition is to award innovative tendencies and individual artistic approaches of young talents. Hence are we not looking for "the best commercial illustration", but a freelance artistic work with illustrative or graphic background.. Entry fee: 30 Euro.

"The 20 winners will be shown at a separate section at the coming ILLUSTRATIVE, the international festival for contemporary graphic and illustrative art as well as integrated into the artist selection of the Illustrative. To one laureate being determined at this year´s ILLUSTRATIVE in Zurich, is given the possibility to creat one new „Limited Edition-watch“ for Swatch"

Pemenang akan dipilih sebanyak 20 orang oleh juri antarabangsa(yang nih diaorang dah pilih sendiri.semua juri adalah profesional yang leading editors of graphic and design publications seperti Julius Wiedemann („Illustration now“, Taschen Verlag/Germany), Thierry Hausermann (ID Pure, Switzerland), Cherie Federico (Aesthetica Magazine, UK) , Taketo Oguchi (Shift, Japan), Claudia Gerdes (Page, Germany), Christine Moosmann (Novum, Germany), Stefan Pollak (Drome Magazine, Italy), Caroline Roberts (Grafik Magazine, UK), Bill Cranfield (IDN, China), Ralf Herms (Rosebud, Austria), Joachim Baldauf (Vorn Magazine, Germany) and David Quiles Guill√≥ (rojo Magazine, Spain)

korang yang berminat boleh lah try.submit design..yuran penyertaan sebanyak 30 Euro..tarikh tutup pulak adalah 31 hb Ogos 2008..

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